Why Bowie Knives Make the Best Survival Knives

Why Is Bowie The Best Survival Knife?

With all the talk lately of the world is going to end soon, a person definitely would want to have survival tools handy. A good survival tool can literally save your life if planned ahead. One of the best survival knives is a Bowie knife.

Now, fathers have passed down Bowie knives for generations. Teaching sons and now daughters why these are great knives. It is always based on quality and craftsmanship. Not cheap dollar store made products.

When a man or woman goes hunting, fishing, and camping, a Bowie knife makes the best survival knife. There is so much versatility to their knives. Each one is all designed for a purpose. For example, an Alabama Slammer Bowie Knife has an eight-inch blade and is made from high quality 440 stainless steel. There are serrations on the topside and a dangerous, mean edge. The handle is designed to grip it hard and is contoured to do so. This makes the handle impact resistant because there are a butt cap and a cast metal guard.

When it comes to the best survival knives, that knife can help kill something big so there can be food to eat or even to defend yourself to survive for you and your family. To carve up smaller game or fish, a Redneck Toothpick is a perfect choice.

This Bowie survival knife is perfect for a teenager needing to learn how to survive. The blade is nearly six and a half inches and this one is laser etched with of course 440 stainless steel. The grip is perfect and has a cast metal tang guard for protection from the hand slipping. There also is a pommel.

When a Bowie knife has to be sharpened, whatever a person does, do not ruin the blade. These are very expensive survival knives and are long-lasting. To take care of them correctly, always have oil to use with your whetstone.

There is a bunch more of these best survival knives of Bowie. It just depends on what kind of surviving is going on. From the basics to a major disaster like an earthquake or tornado, if rope needs to be cut, or things need to be tied down, to simply poking a hole in a can to get a drink, a Bowie knife will become your best friend for life.

Why Bowie knives make the best survival knives? Now you know why!

Types of Bowie Knives (Bonus!)

The Bowie Knife is one of the most famous types of knives ever created. Probably because it is considered a truly “American” knife. The Bowie knife boasts not only good functionality and efficiency of use for an outdoorsman, the knife also boasts a very rich and revered history. Popularized by Colonel Jim Bowie, this knife style has been used in situations ranging from survival and combat to kitchen cooking and eating.

There are Bowie knives that are customized specifically for camping, hunting, and fishing and/or to be used as a weapon. There are also Bowie knives that have designs and stamps on one side like the Krag Bolo, a bayonet US stamped Bowie knife and some knives whose handles are made from various types of materials like steel, coffin handled and staghorn.

One type of Bowie knife is called the Woodhead and Hartley 36 Howard Street Sheffield on Ricasso coffin-shaped like handle. The coffin shape handle became one of the most famous types of Sheffield Bowie. There is also the Arkansas bowie knife made of steel and whose handle is made from dog bone with a nickel silver wrap. Also, another type of Bowie knife is the Guardless bowie knife which is wrapped with silver and attributed to James Black the famous blacksmith creator of the Bowie.

Most styles of Bowie knives are available for purchase. Take a look around…you may find one that you like!


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The Bowie Knife as a Gift

The Bowie knife is regarded to be one of the most efficient and ever reliable tools that can be used in the home as well as outdoors. It can work for several different purposes and functions. Not to mention, bowie knives also boast of a very rich history. Through the years, it has evolved and adapted to the growing need and preferences of everyone who are to purchase this great tool.

For these reasons alone and still several others at that, it would be a really great option to give a bowie knife as a gift to your friends, family members, relatives, and loved ones most especially if you know for a fact that these people would be able to take advantage of the benefits and advantages that they can be provided with when it comes to Bowie knives.

When choosing which Bowie knife to give to a friend as a gift, the best thing to do is determine the purpose of the friend or person you are to give it to. Whether it will be for simple household chores like chopping, grinding condiments, meat and several other ingredients or hunting and skinning animals outdoors, there are a lot of bowie knives you can choose from.

There are also a lot of Bowie knives that are created for fighting and dueling. If your friend or anyone you know is currently studying martial arts or the art of dueling, a bowie knife as gift would be something really great to give.

bowie knife as a gift is definitely something worth giving to as a gift to the people dearest to your heart. You can be assured of getting your money’s worth when you buy a bowie knife because this type of knife is really efficient and great to use.

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Pricing Bowie Knives

There are several types of Bowie knives available at present and each of which are priced differently from one other depending not only their look but also depending on their size and the materials that are used to create them.

Bowie knives are regarded as large knives with large sheaths. They are created and used for several purposes like fighting, hunting, skinning animals and several others. Bowie knives, introduced around 200 years in history are also very functional and good to use. It boasts of a very rich history as well.

The different kinds of Bowie knives available at present are priced ranging from as a little as $20 to as much as $400 depending on its actual features. One of the cheapest Bowie knife is the 12’’ Cold Steel Bowie Machete. Its handle is made from polypropylene and its sheath is made from cordura nylon sheath. This type of bowie knife is easy to carry and very light to use making it very easy to slash the blade and use as a chopper.

Another type of Bowie knife that is priced to be very much affordable for the ordinary consumer is the Condor Tool Mountain Bowie Knife. This type of knife is 10’’ in length and its handle is made from blue santropene. The edges of the sheath are sharpened really well making it efficient to use most especially for outdoor purposes.

One of the most expensive types of Bowie knives, priced at around $399 is the Cold Steel Natchez Bowie. Although just 11.25’’ in length, this type of knife is made with a black linen micarta with stainless steel guard handles as well as a leather sheath. This type of bowie knife is referred to as an “under the hill” knife and used as a dagger.

Each type of bowie knife, depending on your needs and requirements for it are deemed to be very useful. If you require the use of your knives for extensive uses and purposes, it would be best to buy the one that is made of really good sheath and handles and priced to be much more expensive as well.

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Movies with Bowie Knives

The Bowie knife is a very famous knife. It comes in many forms and variations that are used for many purposes. Most of the knives available at present are adapted from the creation of the Arkansas blacksmith James Black and popularized by the Colonel Jim Bowie.

After many years, most large sheath knives with wider blades present have roots to as Bowie knives and are used not only in real life but in many movies. In movies, both modern and are used in fight scenes, hunting scenes, and several others.

From the movie Crocodile Dundee to Rambo, if you have a keen eye for Bowie style knives you will be amazed to see how many movies include the Bowie Knife.

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How to Use a Bowie Knife

The Bowie Knife is one of the most famous types of knives at present that is also equally rich in terms of its history. This type of knife comes in many different forms and structures that are perfect for various types of uses.

“Bowie knife” – Source: Wikipedia.com

The Bowie knife is regarded to be one of the most influential types of knives ever created in the history of the world. It was used for several duels by the person who made it popular, Colonel Jim Bowie, making it up to the present one of the ultimate choices when it comes to knives.

At present, a Bowie knife is still most commonly used for dueling. Although some types of Bowie knives can also be used for hunting and outdoors, some can be used as a collection and several others. However, the main function and purpose of a Bowie knife are used as a utility tool.

A bowie knife is primarily used for dueling. It can be used for either advanced bowie techniques that are usually done to fight with the use of a big blade or improve one’s skills. Other than this, a bowie knife can also be used for cutlery and can also be used as pocket knives that would surely come in handy when outdoors.

Although most Bowie knives being sold at present are no longer authentic, they are ultimate adaptations of the knife introduced by the legendary Colonel and used in his legendary fights for life and survival.


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How to Sharpen a Bowie Knife

Proper care of a Bowie knife includes correct sharpening techniques. The Bowie knife’s most common uses include chopping, thrusting, and scraping. It can be used to skin an animal or to defend one’s life in a fight.

Watch this informational video:

Over the Bowie knife’s many years of history, the knife has been used as a design for other knives but its sharpening techniques remain the same. The most important part of any knife is its edge. The knife’s edge must be well sharpened in order for it to function properly and safely. Although some people do not enjoy sharpening the blades of their knives, an unsharpened blade or one that has uneven edges can cause accidents and may hurt the knife’s user.

There are many knife sharpeners available and most are effective for sharpening a Bowie knife. In a survival situation, even stones and pebbles can be used to sharpen a knife by rubbing the edges of the blade evenly on the stone.

In choosing a knife sharpener or wet stone, consider the cost and the amount of use you plan to give the sharpener. The more frequent you plan on sharpening your blades, the more robust your sharpener needs to be.

When sharpening your Bowie knife or any other blade follow the instructions of your chosen sharpener closely. Always remember to keep a firm grip on the knife and exercise complete control while sharpening. When possible, keep the direction of the movement of the blade away from your body. After sharpening, it is good to oil the blade and wipes away any fingerprints. This prevents rust and lengthens the lifespan of your knife.

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Custom Bowie Knife

Are you looking for a custom Bowie knife or do you have a specific design of the kind of Bowie knife you want?


Then you are in for great luck because in the online market there are tons of custom made Bowie knives that are available for distinct customers who prefer special designs for their favorite Bowie knives.

An example of a custom Bowie knife is the Bowie Burnt Saw Jig handle which is a collector’s item. This custom designed Bowie knife is 16 ¼ “ long with antique guard and pommel and matching heavy duty nylon sheath. This knife is great for outdoor use and is also a great gift because the handles are completely hand crafted and each one is one of a kind.

There is also a custom handmade bone handle Damascus full tang drop point stag Bowie knife with a beautiful camel and buffalo handle. The blade of this knife is 4 1/2 ” long and the handle is 4 7/8″ while the blade is 1 3/8 “at the widest point and 3/16″ thick. This type of custom made Bowie knife is really sharp and made of beautiful Damascus steel at 400 layer. This is a real working knife ready to be used and comes with a custom made sheath 9 to 10 oz leather made just for each heavy duty knife.

If you are a collector or someone who loves to use custom Bowie knife then you are in for a big treat as we bring you great discounts and savings to all these wonderful products.

custom bowie knife ensures that your bowie knife is not as prevalent as the mass-produced models. A custom bowie knife may be tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

Whether antique, custom or mass-produced, we think everyone should have a good bowie knife or two!

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