If you would visit Wikipedia, the Bowie Knife is described as a “style of fixed-blade knife” which became very famous when it was used by Colonel James “Jim” Bowie in the 19th century. It was said that the Bowie knife was first used in a duel called the Sandbar Fight and became an attraction because of its wider and bigger blades.

The first Bowie knife was said to be the original idea of Jim Bowie’s brother Rezin and was made by a blacksmith named James Black. The historical data revealed that the unique design of the Bowie Knife was already the result of several improvements incorporated by Jim Bowie but had its first semblance with Spanish hunting knives and a little of butcher knives.

During a fight in 1827 on a sandbar in the Mississippi River where Bowie faced man to man combat, Jim Bowie killed 3 men by severely decapitating them with the pure blow coming from his hand held knife, despite the fact that he was injured with stabs and a rifle shot. The popularity gained after that combat incident resulted to several requests for the knife with the same design.

From then on Bowie knives were described as “formidable instruments”. The elaborate designs and the superior craftsmanship of Bowie knives are made to serve their main purpose which is to deliver “sharp stabbing points” and further these Bowie knives were described to be “long enough to use as a sword, sharp enough to use as a razor, wide enough to use as a paddle, and heavy enough to use as a hatchet.” Bowie knives are used mainly for hunting and fishing trips and its well researched designs and superior quality makes it an ideal tool for removing skins from animal carcasses.