How to Sharpen a Bowie Knife

Proper care of a Bowie knife includes correct sharpening techniques. The Bowie knife’s most common uses include chopping, thrusting, and scraping. It can be used to skin an animal or to defend one’s life in a fight.

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Over the Bowie knife’s many years of history, the knife has been used as a design for other knives but its sharpening techniques remain the same. The most important part of any knife is its edge. The knife’s edge must be well sharpened in order for it to function properly and safely. Although some people do not enjoy sharpening the blades of their knives, an unsharpened blade or one that has uneven edges can cause accidents and may hurt the knife’s user.

There are many knife sharpeners available and most are effective for sharpening a Bowie knife. In a survival situation, even stones and pebbles can be used to sharpen a knife by rubbing the edges of the blade evenly on the stone.

In choosing a knife sharpener or wet stone, consider the cost and the amount of use you plan to give the sharpener. The more frequent you plan on sharpening your blades, the more robust your sharpener needs to be.

When sharpening your Bowie knife or any other blade follow the instructions of your chosen sharpener closely. Always remember to keep a firm grip on the knife and exercise complete control while sharpening. When possible, keep the direction of the movement of the blade away from your body. After sharpening, it is good to oil the blade and wipes away any fingerprints. This prevents rust and lengthens the lifespan of your knife.

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