Pricing Bowie Knives

There are several types of Bowie knives available at present and each of which are priced differently from one other depending not only their look but also depending on their size and the materials that are used to create them.

Bowie knives are regarded as large knives with large sheaths. They are created and used for several purposes like fighting, hunting, skinning animals and several others. Bowie knives, introduced around 200 years in history are also very functional and good to use. It boasts of a very rich history as well.

The different kinds of Bowie knives available at present are priced ranging from as a little as $20 to as much as $400 depending on its actual features. One of the cheapest Bowie knife is the 12’’ Cold Steel Bowie Machete. Its handle is made from polypropylene and its sheath is made from cordura nylon sheath. This type of bowie knife is easy to carry and very light to use making it very easy to slash the blade and use as a chopper.

Another type of Bowie knife that is priced to be very much affordable for the ordinary consumer is the Condor Tool Mountain Bowie Knife. This type of knife is 10’’ in length and its handle is made from blue santropene. The edges of the sheath are sharpened really well making it efficient to use most especially for outdoor purposes.

One of the most expensive types of Bowie knives, priced at around $399 is the Cold Steel Natchez Bowie. Although just 11.25’’ in length, this type of knife is made with a black linen micarta with stainless steel guard handles as well as a leather sheath. This type of bowie knife is referred to as an “under the hill” knife and used as a dagger.

Each type of bowie knife, depending on your needs and requirements for it are deemed to be very useful. If you require the use of your knives for extensive uses and purposes, it would be best to buy the one that is made of really good sheath and handles and priced to be much more expensive as well.

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