Why Bowie Knives Make the Best Survival Knives

Why Is Bowie The Best Survival Knife?

With all the talk lately of the world is going to end soon, a person definitely would want to have survival tools handy. A good survival tool can literally save your life if planned ahead. One of the best survival knives is a Bowie knife.

Now, fathers have passed down Bowie knives for generations. Teaching sons and now daughters why these are great knives. It is always based on quality and craftsmanship. Not cheap dollar store made products.

When a man or woman goes hunting, fishing, and camping, a Bowie knife makes the best survival knife. There is so much versatility to their knives. Each one is all designed for a purpose. For example, an Alabama Slammer Bowie Knife has an eight-inch blade and is made from high quality 440 stainless steel. There are serrations on the topside and a dangerous, mean edge. The handle is designed to grip it hard and is contoured to do so. This makes the handle impact resistant because there are a butt cap and a cast metal guard.

When it comes to the best survival knives, that knife can help kill something big so there can be food to eat or even to defend yourself to survive for you and your family. To carve up smaller game or fish, a Redneck Toothpick is a perfect choice.

This Bowie survival knife is perfect for a teenager needing to learn how to survive. The blade is nearly six and a half inches and this one is laser etched with of course 440 stainless steel. The grip is perfect and has a cast metal tang guard for protection from the hand slipping. There also is a pommel.

When a Bowie knife has to be sharpened, whatever a person does, do not ruin the blade. These are very expensive survival knives and are long-lasting. To take care of them correctly, always have oil to use with your whetstone.

There is a bunch more of these best survival knives of Bowie. It just depends on what kind of surviving is going on. From the basics to a major disaster like an earthquake or tornado, if rope needs to be cut, or things need to be tied down, to simply poking a hole in a can to get a drink, a Bowie knife will become your best friend for life.

Why Bowie knives make the best survival knives? Now you know why!

Types of Bowie Knives (Bonus!)

The Bowie Knife is one of the most famous types of knives ever created. Probably because it is considered a truly “American” knife. The Bowie knife boasts not only good functionality and efficiency of use for an outdoorsman, the knife also boasts a very rich and revered history. Popularized by Colonel Jim Bowie, this knife style has been used in situations ranging from survival and combat to kitchen cooking and eating.

There are Bowie knives that are customized specifically for camping, hunting, and fishing and/or to be used as a weapon. There are also Bowie knives that have designs and stamps on one side like the Krag Bolo, a bayonet US stamped Bowie knife and some knives whose handles are made from various types of materials like steel, coffin handled and staghorn.

One type of Bowie knife is called the Woodhead and Hartley 36 Howard Street Sheffield on Ricasso coffin-shaped like handle. The coffin shape handle became one of the most famous types of Sheffield Bowie. There is also the Arkansas bowie knife made of steel and whose handle is made from dog bone with a nickel silver wrap. Also, another type of Bowie knife is the Guardless bowie knife which is wrapped with silver and attributed to James Black the famous blacksmith creator of the Bowie.

Most styles of Bowie knives are available for purchase. Take a look around…you may find one that you like!


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